Friday, July 29, 2005

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He says there are three primary sedation options: (1) nitrous oxide and oxygen, also known as "laughing gas"; (2) a pill taken in advance of the dental appointment; or (3) medication administered intravenously during the dental procedure.In addition to eliminating anxiety at the time of the appointment, other benefits of sedation may include: (1) no memory of the dental procedure, (2) reduced number of appointments necessary to accomplish the same treatment plan, and (3) helping patients decrease their overall anxiety and need for sedation. "I like this approach becausepatients feel empowered, says Dr. Livshin. "They can now make decisions about their oral health and work with us."Dental hygiene is about a lot more than a healthy mouth. Before a dentist does any procedures, he or she will perform a thorough check-up. Signs and symptoms of many diseases can show up first in the mouth. For example, one risk factor for heart disease is periodontitis, or advanced gum disease. Also, it has been shown that those with periodontal disease have twice the risk factor of stroke, and one-third of people with diabetes have periodontal disease This past summer, in conjunction with their tenth anniversary, Drs. Ronkin and Shwartzman of Dream Smile Dental began a search for the ideal �Smile Makeover' candidate. This month, two people selected from a field of over 100 candidates are beginning comprehensive treatment programs valued at a total of $40,000 in free dentistry. (Dream Smile Dental is at 2184 Washington St. (Route 138) in Canton, � mile from the junction of Routes 128 / 93 and 138. For m


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