Friday, July 29, 2005

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Many people may not realize that there are alternatives to immediately calling a funeral director when a loved one dies. In fact, if certain legalities are observed, most people can avoid the cost and impersonal involvement of the commercial funeral industry altogether, detailed in a book "Coming to Rest ": A Guide to Caring for Our Own Dead, authored by Julie Wiskind, Richard Spiegel. One of many such books.You might also test your I.Q. on the death care industry at
There are also whole groups of people whose "hobby" isdefined astaphophiles -- lovers of cemeteries as cultural artifacts . Theurl to those interesting pages, with much information Peoplewill avoid dental care ( and funeral pre planning) for three main reasons:fear of pain, financial obligation, and lack of time. Here is a quiz't just lie there, check into these subjects, so it will be less painful, less expensive and involve less of your time when it is an at need situation! Written by Betty Brown, CEOA Team Master's Casket store
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