Friday, July 29, 2005

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I have a life to live, clients to tend to and a business to run!My mind was starting to visit places like - what if there's REALLY something wrong with me? What if this becomes a chronic condition that I have to live with forever? These were undoubtedly not thoughts that encourage rest and healing and I certainly knew better than to let myself go down that slippery slope. But down I went.As I did my best to negotiate between my fear and my wisdom I became acutely aware of how I take my health for granted. Sure, it sounds clich� � "don't take your health for granted" but I do. Wow. Unexpectedly I was suddenly thinking about my predicament very differently. It was like a wake up call. What I know about wake up calls (mostly they're not pleasant) is they alert us to something out of balance in our life and inspire us into action.What gentle nudges are you ignoring in your life that might end up in an unpleasant wake up call? What I've learned is, you can either wait for upheaval to force you into action or listen to the gentle wake up calls that show up along the way and encourage you to start the ball rolling. You have a choice. I listened. I slowed down and renewed my commitment to take very good care of myself. I sat in the sunshine by a beautiful clear lake, counted my blessings and then went on with my wonderful life. It's YOUR life�imagine the possibilities!Helaine Iris is a certified Life Coach, writer and teacher who loves her life. She works with individuals, and self-employed professional


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