Friday, July 29, 2005

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Often humourous and lighthearted, we are welcomed into this historical world.Absolutely wonderful photos mark phases in their exciting journey, and letters, insights and remembrances are shared by Violet (the author's mother, wife of Ralph Brownlow) and some of the nurses who shared time on the Car.The story includes mention of many interesting people and references to memorable historical moments many people may find interesting.Including references to the Great Depression, when the Monopoly game was first invented and the opening of the very first Drive-In Theatre.It was a life of great adventure and one that is full of intrigue.A must read for the history buff, a truly excellent read for the rest of us.To order the book:
1-888-571-2665To contact the author:
David C. Brownlow
177 Lace Bark Lane
RR#1Bellwood, Ontario
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